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Centro di GeoTecnologie (Geotechnology Center) is the center of the University of Siena for applied geological research, aimed at development and higher professional education.

The headquarter of CGT is in San Giovanni Valdarno, a town in the heart of Tuscany, not far from Florence, Siena and Arezzo, between Chianti and the Pratomagno mountain range. The headquarters is located in a historic industrial plant of 1905.

CGT aims at a better targeting of applied scientific research, integrated with university and business realities.

CGT wants to give a concrete answer to the growing demand for research and training both for the computerized management of the territory and for the solution of environmental problems, through the development and application of GeoTechnologies.


We at CGT believe in the applications of geology and its potential to improve the knowledge of the territory and contribute to its environmentally friendly development.

We develop individual skills and train professionals to support companies and public bodies in the choices and investments on the territory and in the actions of protection and enhancement of natural resources.

We bring together skills, resources and energy in a common commitment to the land and the environment.

Every day we listen to the needs and ideas in order to realize concrete projects in collaboration with companies, professionals and bodies in charge of the management and development of the territory.

We cover Geomatics, Geophysics and Hydrogeology, Geotechnics and Geoengineering in a variety of ways, from professional courses to master’s degrees, from labs to fieldwork.


2002 – The Beginning

The CGT was founded in July 2002 as a “Centre for applied geological research and for high professional training”. The main building were realised on an old dismissed glass factory and the teaching activity begins with the Bachelor’s degree in Geotechnology and the professional courses in GIS and remote sensing, when the renovation of the premises is still in progress.

2003-2004 – Consolidation

Work on the current premises and the university college is completed. In the summer of 2004, the centre is fully operational and the majority of the laboratories start their activities. The 2nd level degree course in Applied Geology, the master’s degree course in GIS and Remote Sensing and internship and research agreements with many institutions and companies are activated.

2005-2007 – Development

The CGT expanded: During 2006-2007 academic year, two undergraduate courses, three master’s courses and numerous advanced courses are held. Continuing professional education for professionals is developed. Research and consultancy activities are consolidated with activities abroad (Senegal, Tanzania, Vietnam). The student population grows to over 300. The CGT becomes the seat of the Documentation Centre of the Italian Geological Society.

2008-2010 – Innovation

The CGT obtains quality certifications and patronage from numerous scientific and trade associations, confirming it as one of the most advanced and innovative national reference points for research, higher education, and continuing education in the field of land management and environmental monitoring.


The CGT is the largest Italian structure for applied geological research and postgraduate training in this field. In 2011 it signed an agreement with the Italian UNESCO Club Foundation for the establishment of the Training and Research Institute of the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centres at the CGT.