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In memory of Prof. Fabio Sandrelli: university colleague, geologist and friend

On Saturday, we lost Prof. Fabio Sandrelli, a distinguished professor in the field of GEO02 – Stratigraphy and Sedimentology at our university. With over 40 years of experience, Fabio held various teaching positions at the University of Siena, including Geological Surveying, Geology Fundamentals, Regional Geology, Quaternary Geology, and Petroleum Geology. He organized significant congresses and held roles of responsibility in both regional and national geological mapping projects.

His research primarily focused on Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Regional Geology, often conducted through interdisciplinary collaborations with Italian and international researchers. He published over 180 scientific articles and contributed to the development of large and small-scale geological maps. Additionally, he supervised numerous thesis projects and doctoral research in Earth Sciences at the University of Siena.

The experience I had with Prof. Sandrelli was crucial for my career. Not only was he my thesis advisor, but he also provided me with the opportunity for my first research grant. If I am passionate about and devoted to my work today, I owe a great deal to him” stated Prof. Riccardo Salvini, President of the Center for GeoTechnologies.

Fabio has left a lasting impact on the scientific community of geology in Siena. the Center for GeoTechnologies wishes to remember him as a respected colleague and friend.