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Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses (CAP) are university courses for professionals and provide an excellent opportunity to update one’s skills with cutting-edge technology, increasing one’s competitiveness.

The CAP and the University of Siena Training Courses organized at CGT also provide access to high school graduates with a particular interest in the topics covered in the courses.

You can find the educational offer of the CAP in the Italian page here. Lessons will be delivered in Italian.

Professional Courses

Professional Courses are activated thanks to the collaboration between the GeoTechnology Center of the University of Siena and the Masaccio Foundation. These courses aim to improve the level of qualification and professional development of working graduates, assuring professional studios and companies an adaptation of their employees’ preparation to technological changes and an increase in the company’s competitive capabilities.

The CGT offers the possibility to choose the Executive Programme option: a training course that includes a “packet” of Professional Courses in a training area.

The “packet” must consist of at least four Professional Courses followed in presence at the GeoTechnology Centre or in telematic mode.
– Executive Programmes have a discount of 40% on the sum of the fees for individual courses.
– Most Executive Programme courses allow the acquisition of APC credits (Continuing Professional Education Credits of the Order of Geologists).
– Executive Programme courses can only be recognised in terms of CFUs for subsequent enrolment in one of the Masters courses based at CGT, up to a maximum of 25% of the total CFUs of the master.

You can find the educational offer of the Professional Courses in the Italian page here. Lessons will be delivered in Italian.