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Geophysics and Applied Geophysics Laboratory

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The applied Geophysics and Applied Geophysics uses surface methods to measure the physical properties of the subsurface Earth, in order to detect or infer the presence and position of ore minerals, oil and natural gas, geothermal reservoirs, groundwater reservoirs, peculiar geological structures, subsurface archaeological sites, ground water investigations, subsurface salinity mapping and geothermal and radiometric prospection. The staff of the Geophysics and Applied Geophysics laboratory is able to deal with a wide complexity of geophysical issues, The laboratory, also in cooperation with other Italian and international universities, non-governmental organisation and public and private bodies, performs geoelectric and seismic surveys for hydrogeological, mining, environmental, lithological and archaeological studies. Moreover, the laboratory deals with low enthalpy geothermal and natural radioactivity monitoring.