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Master of Science in engineering geology – A.Y. 2020/2021

  /    /  Master of Science in engineering geology – A.Y. 2020/2021


The technical geologist or geoengineer, is the “oldest” professional figure in Applied Geology and is internationally known as “Engineering Geologist”. His wide and varied skills (borderline or complementary to those of other professional profiles of engineering type) make this professional irreplaceable today in the preliminary, design and construction phases of many infrastructural works. Today the public and private job market requires technicians able to produce numerical data that describe in a quantitative way the geometric and physical mechanical model of the subsoil and relate effectively with the civil engineer and other figures in the yard.

  • Cost: 4000€
  • Deadline: 18/12/2020
  • Total teaching hours: 436
  • CFUs: 65
  • Curricular internship hours: 300
  • Period of performance: February 2021 – February 2022
  • Responsible teacher: Salvini Riccardo

Who it is for

The Master of science in Engineering Geology is aimed at:

  • those who want to acquire professional and operational skills in the field of Geotechnics;
  • those who want to develop and create a geotechnical sector within the company/professional office where they already work;
  • those who play, or want to play, managerial roles within Public Administrations (Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Public Agencies, Consortia, Public Companies, Presidential Institutes, Independent Authorities, Central Administrations).

For enrolment in the Master’s course, a second level degree is required.

Foreign graduates from EU and non-EU countries are also admitted if their degree is considered by the Master’s Teaching Board as equivalent to those required for Italian citizens.

Professional opportunities

Areas of Work

The expert in Geotechnics and Geoengineering works mainly as a freelance individual or in professional associations in the fields of construction and soil conservation. He works as an employee for various regional, provincial and municipal public bodies in the building and soil conservation sectors; some ministries, Basin Authorities; geognostic survey companies and large construction companies. They also work in companies operating in the field of mining industry: cultivation, characterization and marketing of aggregates for construction and ornamental stones. The practical approach, with the analysis of real case studies for the various subjects taught, allows the young graduate to be able to draw up a geotechnical report according to the most up-to-date legislation.

Employment opportunities

The market research of CENSIS carried out on behalf of the National Order of Geologists as part of the report (“The innovation of the educational offer for the geologist: opportunities and open problems”, 2003) shows that the greatest number of professional activities of the Geologists registered with the Order are in the field of Geotechnics and Geoengineering. At present, this is the field that presents the greatest possibilities of affirmation in independent professional work and in associated studies with engineers. Even for these professional activities, individual skills play a fundamental role. Currently there are very good possibilities of success in self-employment depending on the skills.

Specialization courses

For more information about the specialization courses check out “Offerta Formativa” in the Italian page of the Master here.