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Master of Science in Environmental Geotechnologies – A.Y. 2020/2021

  /    /  Master of Science in Environmental Geotechnologies – A.Y. 2020/2021


Environmental Geology is a multidisciplinary field of applied sciences, closely related to Applied Geology.

The technician dealing with the depollution of environmental matrices is an established professional figure. The remediation of contaminated sites and the protection of water resources are among the main problems in our country. The disposal of solid urban and industrial waste is now a subject of primary interest for the community and businesses, which are experiencing a period characterised by both the consolidation of theoretical and applicative knowledge and the development of new technologies with the massive involvement of geology and hydrogeology.

The specialist in Environmental Geology, in addition to the possibility of practising as a freelance professional, will be able to work in public bodies and local and national private companies. Even international organisations operating in developing countries often require figures with this type of preparation.
The constant emergencies linked to problems of industrial pollution and urban waste disposal suggest an increase in employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

  • Cost: 4500€
  • Deadline: 11/12/2020
  • Total teaching hours: 472
  • CFUs: 61
  • Curricular internship hours: 300
  • Period of performance: January 2021 – January 2022
  • Responsible teacher: Conti Paolo

Who it is for

  • Those who want to acquire professional and operational skills in the field of Environmental Geology;
  • Those who want to develop and create a sector of environmental geology within the company/professional studio in which they already work;
  • To those who carry out, or want to carry out, management roles within Public Administrations (Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Public Agencies, Consortia, Public Companies, Presidential Institutes, Independent Authorities, Central Administrations).

Professional opportunitites

Areas of work
Graduates of the Master’s in Environmental Geotechnology will find their natural place in organisations that produce and/or use environmental, engineering and geological information: research and training institutes, large professional engineering and applied geology firms. Possibility of working also as a freelancer in association with other professional figures (geologists, architects, engineers).
Employment possibilities
The professional figure trained during the Master in Environmental Geotechnologies can be employed in public bodies such as Ministries, Public Administrations, Research Institutes and international organisations operating in developing countries often require figures with this type of preparation.

Specialization courses

For more information about the specialization courses check out “Offerta Formativa” in the Italian page of the Master here.