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Master of Science in Geomatics – A.Y. 2020/2021

  /    /  Master of Science in Geomatics – A.Y. 2020/2021


The expert in Geomatics has a professional profile linked to the development of recent geo-information technologies capable of carrying out strategic tasks ranging from the design, collection, analysis, management, dissemination and updating of spatial data. The disciplines used for this purpose refer to remote sensing systems, aerial photogrammetry, terrestrial and drone photogrammetry, GPS/GNSS, aerial and terrestrial laser scanning, creation and management of databases and geo-thematic archives, spatial data analysis in a GIS environment, editing and modelling of 3D data, publication of cartographic services via the Web.

Thanks to the integration of data acquisition systems, geographic information systems and numerical cartography, the expert in Geomatics will be able to find outlets in agriculture, forestry, geological sciences, topography, thematic cartography, land and environmental risk management, media, tourism and defence.

  • Cost: 3500€
  • Deadline: 23/10/2020
  • Total teaching hours: 467
  • CFUs: 73
  • Curricular internship hours: 275
  • Period of performance: November 2021 – November 2022
  • Responsible teacher: Salvini Riccardo

Who it is for

  • Those who want to acquire, develop or consolidate skills in technical-professional disciplines within the company/professional firm in which they already work;
  • Those who carry out, or want to carry out, management roles within public administrations;
  • Those who carry out research activities and want to acquire new skills in the Master’s disciplines.

At least a Bachelor’s degree is required for enrolment in the Master’s programme in Geomatics (GEOM):

  • All degrees awarded in accordance with regulations prior to Ministerial Decree 509/99
  • All degree classes pursuant to Ministerial Decree 509/99 and pursuant to Ministerial Decree 270/2004
  • All classes of specialist degrees pursuant to Ministerial Decree 509/99 and master’s degrees pursuant to Ministerial Decree 270/2004.

Foreign graduates from EU and non-EU countries are also admitted if their qualification is deemed by the Master’s Board of Teachers to be equivalent to those required of Italian citizens.

Professional opportunities

The Master in Geomatics aims to provide skills for:
  • organise and manage information on the territory and the environment with the aid of the most modern information technologies;
  • acquire and process remote sensing data by means of active and passive satellite, airborne and remotely piloted sensors (drones);
  • monitor environmental parameters and their variations;
  • disseminating geo-referenced data, also through Web technologies.
Professional Figure

The professional figure trained in the Master will acquire a professionalism able to enter a highly innovative sector characterised by a solid applicative base. The expert in Geomatics will in fact have a new professional profile linked to the development of modern information technologies. The areas of professional use are many and relate to the use of data acquisition systems, geographic information systems and web-based dissemination. The competences conferred by the Master in Geomatics broaden the possibilities of use of the geological, agronomic, forestry, engineering, topographical, archaeological, urban planning disciplines, etc. and help to be placed in contexts of geology, agriculture, forestry, tourism, etc.. It also helps to find a place in professional contexts that produce and/or use geographic information (cartographic production companies, research companies, prospecting, exploitation and transformation of natural resources, consultancy, marketing and environmental consulting companies, software houses, etc.) and in public bodies (research institutes, governmental and local bodies, reclamation consortia and basin authorities, land registry, ARPA, superintendencies, museum bodies, etc.). There is a growing demand for experts in the disciplines offered by the Master in Geomatics from sectors of the public administration in charge of risk management of the territory and environment and its resources, defence, and from sectors of industry and large consulting, media and tourism companies. They are invaluable contributors to the application of spatial planning disciplines and bring irreplaceable know-how to all thematic mapping processes. The future expansion of remote sensing applications is also foreseeable, thanks to the increasing potential of satellite detection systems and the growing number of applications that exploit Web technologies (e.g. GoogleTMEarth, GoogleTMMaps, BingTM, etc.). The professional figure who will have acquired the skills foreseen by the master’s degree can also find a place in the international labour market where these skills are a preferential requirement.

Specialization courses

For more information about the specialization courses check out “Offerta Formativa” in the Italian page of the Master here.