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Phytosanitary Scouting Project

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The GeoTechnology Centre of the University of Siena is carrying out inspections and surveys within the framework of the “Phytosanitary Scouting” Project of the Agro-Environmental Research Centre “Enrico Avanzi” (CiRAA) of the University of Pisa. The project includes:


  • Execution of multi-sensor surveys (i.e. visible, near multi- and hyper-spectral infrared, thermal infrared) by means of multi-rotor SAPRs;
  • Topographic survey by means of GNSS instruments supporting the SAPR surveys for the measurement of specific artificial targets necessary for the processing of the acquired data (i.e. alignment, orientation, georeferencing);
  • Processing and analysis of data acquired during SAPR surveys for the creation of georeferenced orthophotomosaics in the various spectral bands and datacubes for the subsequent production of thematic maps of interest. These maps will be used for the analysis of the correspondences between the pattern acquired on the ground and the one acquired remotely, necessary for the assessment of the reliability of the diagnostic capabilities deriving from the sole use of remote sensing data in order to identify at an early stage any attacks by pathogens and weeds;
  • Campaign with a portable spectroradiometer for the collection of plant spectral signatures.