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INGV workshop on geophysics for archaeology

On June the 30th, 2023 from 3.00 pm at the Centre for GeoTechnologies of the University of Siena, Dr. Vincenzo Sapia, PhD of INGV will hold the workshop

High resolution geophysical prospections: a tool for archaeological investigations

Geophysical surveys, through various methods, allow a recognition of the subsoil of an area, through the measurement, carried out from the earth’s surface, of some physical quantities. From the spatial and temporal variations of these quantities it is possible to reconstruct the nature, dimensions and depth of the buried formations.

The Functional Unit of Geophysics for the Environment and the Territory of the INGV studies, experiments and applies the most modern and effective ground -based geophysical prospecting techniques of the geoelectromagnetic type are studied, tested and applied in the area, aimed at defining and characterizing the structure of the subsoil from the first meters up to hundreds of meters deep. The main fields of application concern the environment, archeology and the territory. For archaeology, the activity concerns the reconnaissance of the subsoil for the purpose of identifying buried anthropic structures such as tombs, necropolises, walls, floors, temples, cisterns…

Participation is free and open to all interested persons.

Anyone wishing to participate can send an e-mail to

The seminar is organized as part of the teaching activities of the II level Master of Science in Geotechnology for Archeology (GTARC).