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Master’s Degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies

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Geotechnology Curriculum

GeoTechnology Center - San Giovanni Valdarno (AR)

Starting from A.Y. 2021/2022, the Master of Science in Geological Sciences and Technologies (LM-74) at the University of Siena has been enriched with the specialization in Geotechnology. The course takes place entirely at the Centro di GeoTecnologie in San Giovanni Valdarno.  Equipped classrooms, updated software and practical experience guarantee a complete training for the Geologist of the future!

For more info, visit the official page of the Master’s Degree Course of the University of Siena.

Access from other Degree Classes

Subject to integration of some CFU

Parallel teaching

In the classroom and remotely

Practical activities

concentrated at the end of the semester

Countryside Activities

And practical excursions

Accommodation at the Campus at a reduced price

For students enrolled in the degree program

The GeoTechnology Center offers to students from all over Italy the opportunity to stay at a very affordable price at the adjoining Campus, with about 120 beds, giving way to participate in all the activities of the Master’s Degree Course!

For more information about the Campus visit the dedicated page.

GIS and Geomatics

Geology and Environment

Applied Geophysics

Geomaterials Analysis

Geotechnics and Geomechanics



Environmental Law and Economics